Music Only Tickets Terms & Conditions

Music Only tickets are available to purchase from The Ticket Sellers via the ‘buy tickets’ page on our website. Before buying, please read the T&C’s of purchase of these tickets below:

Music Only Tickets cost £30 + booking fee, they provide access to the festival for the enjoyment of the music only. Music Only ticket holders will only have access to Music Only Designated Areas near each stage where each musical performance can be heard. You will be escorted by Eden Festival steward at all times while on site.

Music only tickets will not give you access to any of the non-musical entertainment such as; workshops, talks and art installations. They will also not include access to any non-musical areas such as the camping fields, food vendors or bars.

The weekend tickets which are sold in different tiers (Early Bird, Tier 1 – Tier 4) are all combination tickets, made up of a Music Only Ticket plus a Non-musical Entertainment Ticket, allowing full access to all parts of the festival.

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