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  1. Waste Reduction

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    At Eden, we want to be as sustainable as possible, and it’s a core pledge that we hold to our audience that we will continue to reduce our waste in every way we can. Year after year, we’ve reduced the number of skips needed by almost 50% each year, something we’re pretty proud of!

  2. Tent Clear-Up Mission

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    Last year, there were only two tents left at Eden, so we would love to thank all of you who made an effort to keep the site clean! This year, we are aiming for 0 tents left behind! We will be investing more into our litter crew to ensure we are the best we can be with recycling from the site this year! It’s the little things that make a big difference 🙂

  3. £10 Meal Combo!

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    We are doing our best to help through the cost-of-living crisis by teaming up with traders to ensure they offer meals at a reasonable price for all! This year will see the introduction of the Eden Meal Combo, which all traders will be offering. In this combo, you can purchase a main meal and drink for £10. 🔥🍔🥤💸


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    Only one month left until the gates swing open for Eden 2024! Don’t miss out – grab your tickets today. Weekend and day tickets are still up for grabs, but they’re selling fast! 🎫✨

  5. Grab Your Eden Cup!

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    The Eden cups will once again be returning for all your drinking needs, whilst keeping our site that little bit more eco-friendly. Grab your cup from any of our bars on site! 🌳