Mutaliens is the psychedelic solo project of Matt Kyriakides, also the founder of Mutagen Records and full-on psytrance project Contineum.

His psychedelic journey began when he co-organised underground psytrance events in London, which led to him forming the now establised UK-based record label Mutagen Records and the full-on psytrance project Contineum.

Matt has always had a passion for more then one style of psytrance, causing him to start exploring and DJing the psychedelic UK twilight style. He has drawn influence from such artists as Psymmetrix, Dirty Saffi, Assimilon, Jumpstreet, Parasense, Whiptongue, Assioma, Phase, Dust, E.V.P, Reality Grid and Ajja. After years of experimentation and mind melting, Matt constructed a rolling, glitchy, driving, mind-modulating and mechanical style of psytrance to bend the body and melt the mind.

Matt's unrelenting passion and his fearsome energy have found an affinity within this new sound that is at the cutting edge of psychedelic music. This new musical direction opens up the doorway for him to beautifully express the raw energy that is packed into his personality, bringing to life the intense energies that permeate his existence.

Now signed to highly acclaimed Italian record label Looneymoon Records, Matt has further experimented with his new style by working and remixing with some of the top producers of his style such as Module Virus, Hypereggs, Jumpstreet and Phase to name a few.

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