There's life and there’s death... and in between it all there's the party. Enter Emme Woods.

Soul, sass and sparks collide to create one of the most exciting female singers of our generation. Blending rock 'n' roll and blues influences with a hypnotic brood and incredible musical talent; Emme Woods has curated a truly bespoke 60s sound that bangs the drum for everything that's great about the Scottish music scene right now. Simply put, Emme Woods is an original.

That said, Scotland does not define this twenty-three year old. Nor does it confine her. Packing up and touring Spain, causing intelligent chaos at gigs at SXSW in 2018 and playing self-promoted gigs in the city of Angels LA, Emme Woods is the true definition of a go-getter. Un-phased and never waiting on an opportunity to find her, she lets the music do the talking and all while her pride and joy dog Bubbles sits side of stage, or by a fur coat by the amps.
Fantastic passion and with a heroic spirit; Emme Woods is feminine + ballsy, grungy + angelic, sultry + brazen and all the while with a strong grasp of the lonely-hearts club.

No dream too vast; no other artist has a penchant for songwriting in such an organic light. Now is the time. Now it's time for Emme Woods.

Self-releasing her new record in 2019, Emme Woods’s recent Pledge Music campaign for the debut EP has attracted immense attraction from around the globe, another example of the Emme Woods spellbinding effect.

The Emme Woods mantra is strong. Words and music can change the world and the world is listening. It’s time to tune into a female-led revolution.

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