Chameleon began his journey in mid nineties when the Goa Trance scene was in its infancy, and having moved to London in 1999 to study sound engineering he's been dj'ng and learning to produce psychedelic music. Since 2008 he has released 3 Eps and many singles on various labels including Liquid Records, Nano and Neurobiotic, including a Beatport no.1 Ep. "Reptilian Genetics". The past couple of years has been spent working relentlessly to create an album which will define his unique interpretation of the music he's been so passionate about for more than half of his life. After his recent live gig in Mexico at the Alebrije festival, the forthcoming Chameleon album - " Wild Life" looks set to rock dancefloors around the multiverse. Album release date - 29th MAY 2017 on Maharetta Records

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