Glasgow-based Blue Milk are a one-of-a-kind roots group harking back to the traditions of turn-of-the-century, down home Delta Blues and 60’s and 70’s electric Blues Rock.

Inspired by the classic Captain Beefheart album Safe As Milk, Blue Milk’s dynamic 4-piece boasts electrifying slide guitar and rousing melodies from Jonny Mac (guitar, vocals) the wailing howl from Luo S. Glaister’s harmonica, powerfully resonant undertones from Ike Malinki (bass guitar, backing vocals) and infectious grooves from Taylor Whyte (drums, backing vocals).

Recent recordings are currently being played on German radio. Blue Milk have been busy playing covers and original songs in venues across Scotland, delivering what they promise - deeply compelling Blues, charged with intense sincerity and relentless energy.

Modern bluesmen - channelling the raw spirit of blues in its most authentic form, whilst simultaneously bringing a driven twist to the genre.

BLUE MILK - Lord Knows I'm Tryin'

LORD KNOWS I'M TRYIN'A song about trying in vain to stay out of trouble whilst growing up in the city. Letting people down, mixing with the wrong crowds and always ending up in the thick of it, despite your efforts to avoid it.We hope you dig it.BLUE MILK x

Posted by Blue Milk on Friday, 14 December 2018

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